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01 mars 2019

Yes, She Dares powered by OYC x HEC Paris Office In Germany

Yes, She Dares

powered by OwnYourCash & HEC Paris Office in Germany



HEC Paris tag line has been for years now : apprendre à oser / learn to dare.

To explore new territories, try different initiatives, launch new ventures, take risks, and learn from them all, the good and the bad ones. And start all over again.

In 2018, the HEC Paris Office in Germany started a unique initiative, a full-day conference around women, economy and entrepreneurship, with a French-German lens. It was certainly daring but 200+ attendants spent a full day learning, creating connections and starting projects together. Bound by this belief that, together, things may change in the gender equality field.


For the 2nd edition of this conference, Olga Hein (Director HEC Paris Office in Germany) along with Morgane Chouzenoux (Associate HEC Paris Office in Germany) met numerous experts and speakers, among which Imène Maharzi (Alumna HEC 2000, seasoned investor and mentor, and founder of OwnYourCash). The magic of serendipitous encounters then played its part.

Imène Maharzi suggested the creation of an award to complement the full-day conference.


What kind of award ?


  • OwnYourCash is an educational platform to massively train women (and men !) to become Business Angels. By opening a conversation on biases, gender-lens investing and impact investing, OwnYourCash will contribute to a smoother access to capital for projects co-founded by women… hence an award to shed light upon companies founded/co-founded by women.


  • The HEC Paris Office in Germany is an active promoter and facilitator of French-German cooperation… hence an award dedicated to companies already active in both French and German markets, or willing to deploy themselves in one market or the other.


  • It is proven that women-led projects lack visibility, social capital, and qualified contacts to grow their business … hence an award designed not as a simple appraisal, but as a booster for growth and expansion, with sponsors and partners deploying business mentoring, pro-bono support and tons of goodness !


  • As an HEC Alumna and HEC Paris member of staff, both Imène and Olga actively promote values of entrepreneurship, audacity and mutual learning. And they know first-hand that women do not need to be told to dare. Because they already do… hence an award which celebrates boldness and entrepreneurial spirit in all women… Yes, She Dares!


More information to come with details and calendar!

Stay tuned! #YesSheDares

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